How is this mornings study holding up this afternoon?

01/13/2021 02:25 PM By Matt Ratliff
The markets are pushing higher following yesterday's neutral day type, here is what has happened historically into the close when that pattern was in play. 

Day - Wednesday

Opening Gap Direction - Down

Market Status - Pushing higher after a flat opening

Instrument - ES, RTY, NQ, YM

Trading SetUp - Long

Market Trend - Bull

Trade Type - Time Based Entry

Entry - 3:00 pm ET 

Exit - 4:15 pm ET (Market Close)

Note:  Most tests/studies are done going long using Future Indices.  This is done for several reasons; so you can easily compare different studies/tests, and because of the high correlation of these Indices to other instruments.  Make your comments and ask your questions below. 

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