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About iQ Automated Trading

iQ Autotrading is a cutting-edge financial service that allows your account to be traded alongside ours, by employing a selection of our top-performing algorithmic, intraday strategies. Our sophisticated system ensures that your investments are aligned with our interests, and providing the same growth and diversification we find so valuable.

Professional Oversight

Under the watchful eye of a seasoned broker, your account benefits from professional oversight, as the automated programs navigate the dynamic world of trading on your behalf. This approach allows for the seamless execution of trades, capitalizing on fleeting market opportunities and maximizing profit potential.


One of the key advantages of iQ Autotrading is the robust diversification it provides. By incorporating a myriad of strategies across various instruments and timeframes, your investment portfolio gains resilience against market volatility, while simultaneously enhancing its overall growth potential. This diversification approach ensures that your capital is strategically allocated, mitigating risk, and increasing the likelihood of long-term success.

100% Transparency and Control

iQ Autotrading remains committed to offering you complete transparency and control over your investments. You can maintain 100% visibility of your account, tracking the progress of your capital and monitoring the performance of the selected strategies. Furthermore, you retain unrestricted access to your funds, ensuring that you can always make informed decisions about your investments.

iQ Autotrading presents an innovative and secure solution for investors seeking to benefit from the world of algorithmic trading. By combining the expertise of professional brokers with advanced trading strategies, this service empowers you with powerful diversification and growth potential, while safeguarding your capital through full visibility, control, and access.

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