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Introducing iQ Discover 

iQ Discover is a "real-time research and decision support" solution that is engineered specifically to address the time-sensitive, quantitative information needs of today's active traders - with a focus on daily and intraday trading. 

Discretionary and systematic traders of futures, options, ETFs and equities benefit from Discover's user-friendly, integrated suite of applications that support the continuum of traders' activities ranging from edge discovery and backtesting, to strategy management and alerting. Unlike other institutional-grade offerings, the entire solution is delivered via a single, cloud-based platform, is 100% interactive and programming-free (allowing traders to avoid the time, cost and complexity of coding and software) and comes with acccess to InvestiQuant's live training and support room. 

iQ Discover Benefits and Features

Save Time and Money

Test your ideas, research and prototype strategies without coding or using scarce quant resources, saving time and  money.

Contextualize Your Daily Trading Plan 

Use Discover's powerful  Analyze app and event libraries to identify unique risks and opportunities that could impact your daily trading plan.

Improve Intraday Market Timing 

Improve your results by utilizing more than 20 different entry techniques and tailoring exits for different market conditions.

Improve Trade Management

Analyze intraday price action - in real time - as the trading day progresses and make statistically-based decisions when it matters most.               

Create Better Strategies

Create rules-based strategies and event-based trading plans using historic probabilities, not possibilities, thus improving the odds for favorable results. 

Find New Opportunities

Use the power of cloud-based processing and the massive iQ database to find statistically significant edges among thousands of intraday setups.

Execute Your Trades - On Time, Every Time

Know when your strategies, edges and threats could trigger, and create alerts to improve signal execution and trade management. 

Accelerate Your Research and Market Knowledge

Study historical relationships between price action, market regimes, and hundreds of unique events, improving your knowledge and trading  skills.     

​iQ Discover Stacks the Odds in the Trader's Favor

Trade Selection

iQ Discover identifies quantified historical tendencies and market behavior caused by unique, repeating market events that can negate the strongest  intraday setups, as well as create tradable "event-based" opportunities.  

Many traders can improve performance by being more selective when these risk factors are in play and trading more confidently when they are not.  


Ever-increasing news flow is driving intraday volatility,    requiring  traders to make 'on-the-fly' judgement calls regarding their intraday trades and positions.   

iQ Discover empowers traders to contextually analyze evolving intraday price action - unlocking new opportunities and allowing them to make informed, real-time adjustments when it matters most. 


Today’s turbulent markets often create multiple entry and exit opportunities for the prepared trader.  iQ Discover enables traders to determine historically optimal entries and exits for  just about any market scenario.

Knowing what to do is one thing, but remembering to do it is another.  iQ Alerts help traders execute their rules-based
trading plans as designed, every time. 


Over reliance on a single edge or strategy can result in     excessive trading, more volatile returns, and under performance.

iQ Discover allows traders to utilize the power of iQ's 'big data' and cloud-based computing to discover new opportunities and create value-added strategies that can smooth returns and reduce portfolio volatility.