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Since 2008, InvestiQuant has armed self-directed investors with institutional quality trading strategies based on statistical edges. InvestiQuant’s AI-driven automated solutions help clients better protect and grow their wealth, hands-free—regardless of the direction of the broader stock market.

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Powerful Autotrading Solutions Systematically Trade Your Account

As every financial crisis of the past 40 years has proven, traditional portfolio diversification fails investors when they need it most: during volatile markets and times of crisis. Remember 2000, 2008, 2020, 2022?

Your diversification failed you. Why?

Because of a little known market risk called “crisis correlation.”

The solution: Short-term, fully automated trading strategies that can trade your account for you—in both directions—and take advantage of market volatility.

How? By using statistically-based, quantified strategies guided by InvestiQuant’s advanced machine-learning expertise and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Whether your portfolio consists of equity index investments like the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100, stock ETFs and Mutual Funds, or e-mini futures and commodities like bonds, interest rates, gold, oil and currency markets, iQ Autotrading provides powerful, valued-added diversification that can improve the performance and stability of your investment portfolio using data-driven, real-time strategies.

Best of all, iQ’s data-driven, real-time algorithmic strategies systematically trade your account for you, side-by-side with InvestiQuant’s own accounts, so that clients earn the same results. And, unlike a hedge fund investment, you maintain visibility, control and access to your funds 24x7, 365 days a year.

Leverage Our Trading Expertise and Automated Technology To Achieve Your Goals

Our passion for data-driven trading is the foundation of our company. We designed iQ’s statistically-based strategies to help better protect and grow our own portfolios, and have personally trusted many of them for over a decade.

InvestiQuant’s co-founders, proud West Point alum and former public tech company executives, have spent the past two decades applying their innovative quantitative analysis and data science skills developing iQ’s algorithmic trading strategies and artificial intelligence techniques. The iQ team employs its massive proprietary factor database, expertise in software development, decade of machine-learning research, and working with organizations like Duke University’s Center for Quantitative Modeling and, to evolve its predictive analytic models.

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Why Add an Autotrading Investment Program To Your Portfolio

Autotrading with a statistical edge is a powerful solution that helps investors maximize returns while minimizing risk. Advanced machine-learning algorithms allow iQ’s autotrading programs to continuously analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends in the market and take advantage of short-term trading opportunities in real time. Automated trading enables data-driven decisions that provide investors the opportunity to achieve more consistent returns in bullish and bearish markets alike.

Key Benefits of iQ Autotrading

Peace of mind—InvestiQuant principals and shareholders rely on the same programs

Low investment minimum

No software or daily tasks

100% turn—key investment—overseen by registered professionals

Ability to profit from bull, bear, and volatile markets

Withdraw your capital at anytime

InvestiQuant has something to offer all types of traders and investors, no matter which stock trading techniques you reply upon, including:

Options Trading

Day Trading

Swing Trading

Position Tracking

Value Investing

Growth Investing

Income Investing

Momentum Trading

Autotrading Tools to Help You Succeed

Whether you are a struggling trader, accredited investor, or run a family office, iQ’s data-driven, algorithmic trading programs can help you succeed and are simple to implement. Many prospects tell us our innovative investment solutions “seem too good to be true.” But as our registered brokers can confirm, they are not. To learn if iQ Autotrading can help you, check out our resources.

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Learn how autotrading works and how it helps investors achieve their goals with this series of short educational video clips.

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