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Matt Ratliff

Matt Ratliff is the author and voice of Matt's Minute and most of our educational videos.  A veteran trader with vast technical experience,  Matt brings expertise and insight to our clients and friends.  A long-time InvestiQuant employee, Matt has been helping customers for years by hosting our Trading and Support Room, conducting research, training clients, conducting product demos, and providing awesome customer support.

Matt enjoys working with investors and helping them invest smarter.   Sign up and learn something new today!

Matt's Minute

"Matt's Minute" is a free educational video series by Investiquant, catering to those seeking to deepen their understanding of autotrading and investment strategies. Each episode is designed to make a financial topic easily digestible and accessible to audiences of all levels of expertise, in about a minute. Through clear explanations, visuals, and real-world examples, Matt demystifies what are often confusing topics in the investing realm, empowering viewers to make informed decisions in their financial endeavors. Whether you're a novice investor or a seasoned financial enthusiast, "Matt's Minute" offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you along your investing journey.

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