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Arming Traders & Investors with Professional Grade Solutions

Since 2008, InvestiQuant has armed serious investors and professional traders with institutional-quality trading solutions based on statistical edges.

InvestiQuant’s automated strategies help clients better protect and grow their wealth by empowering their portfolios with the ability to generate attractive returns regardless of the direction of the broader stock market. Unlike most alternative investments, investors maintain 100% visibility, access and control of their capital, 24x7.

The company’s interactive, cloud-based trading solutions address the spectrum of traders’ needs from backtesting and edge discovery to real-time alerts - without the need for programming. 

InvestiQuant’s principals are West Point graduates with decades of combined retail and professional trading experience. Prior to InvestiQuant, they built a cloud-based, spend management platform for global enterprises and took it public on the NASDAQ exchange. InvestiQuant is backed by its founders and private investors, many of whom were clients during the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent years.

Our Leadership Team

Scott Andrews, Co-Founder, CEO

Scott Andrews is Co-founder and CEO of InvestiQuant, Inc. and oversees all company operations. In 2008, Mr. Andrews founded Master The Gap, Inc. where he gained recognition helping self-directed investors use intraday trading techniques to navigate the 2008-2009 financial crisis and take advantage of its extraordinary volatility. From 2012-2014,  Mr. Andrews led the development of the company's  machine-learning techniques and short-term financial market forecasting.  In 2015, the company was renamed InvestiQuant and he collaborated with Duke University’s Center for Quantitative Modeling to evolve its predictive analytic models.  From 2018 to 2020, Mr. Andrews held the Series 3 futures and commodities license and served as principal of a capital management firm that was recognized as “Best Newcomer” by HFM Global. 

Prior to trading, Scott co-founded SciQuest, Inc., a cloud-based, B2B enterprise spend management company. As CEO, he led SciQuest’s $48 million venture capital financing and subsequent $120 million IPO on the NASDAQ exchange, and served as Chairman of the company until 2003. The company was subsequently renamed Jaggaer and manages billions annually via its cloud-based enterprise applications. 

After graduating with a B.S. degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1987, Mr. Andrews served as an aviation officer in the U.S. Army, flew in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and subsequently earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina. 

David Skowron, Co-Founder, VP of Technology

David Skowron is Co-founder and Vice President of Technology for InvestiQuant, Inc. and is responsible for all technology and development. From 2018 to 2020, Mr. Skowron held the Series 3 futures and commodities license and served as principal of a capital management firm that was recognized as “Best Newcomer” by HFM Global. Prior to InvestiQuant, Mr. Skowron was the Managing Member of Skowron Capital Management, which he founded in August 2009 and was registered as an associated person and principal from October 2009 through November 2015. 

Prior to InvestiQuant, Mr. Skowron served as the Vice President of Technology for SciQuest, Inc, a cloud-based spend management solutions provider managing over $300 Billion annually. He joined Scott Andrews at SciQuest in October 1998 when the company was a small start-up and was responsible for software development and database architecture from October 1998 through July 2002. From August 2002 through April 2014 he was responsible for the applications infrastructure,  database management and application stability and performance. Prior to joining SciQuest, Mr. Skowron was a software developer at IBM. In March 2002, Mr. Skowron began researching trading strategies and trading for his own account.

After graduating with his B.S. degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1987, Mr. Skowron earned his M.A. from Webster University and served as an officer in support of Special Forces in the United States Army.