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Matt Ratliff

Matt Ratliff is the author and voice of the Daily iQ and most of our educational videos.  A veteran trader with vast technical experience,  Matt brings expertise and insight to our clients and friends.  A long-time InvestiQuant employee, Matt has been helping customers for years by hosting our Trading and Support Room, conducting research, training clients, conducting product demos, and providing awesome 

customer support.

Matt enjoys working with traders and helping them trade smarter.   Sign up and learn something new today!

The Daily iQ
​(currently paused under construction, will relaunch in 2024)

The Daily iQ is a  popular free email service from InvestiQuant providing subscribers daily actionable market intelligence and daily education geared towards active short-term traders.  At least once per day we prepare a video message containing a real-time view of the major market indices, ETFs, or commodities, along with a test of current conditions in an effort to quantify a pattern or bias.  

To sign up to the Daily iQ, please complete the form below.  You will start receiving the Daily iQ email messages the next business day.    

If you have opted-out of the DailyiQ and would like to opt back in, just

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