What could follow yesterday's reversal?
The market saw a news-based reversal yesterday and closed at the lows, here is a study based on a market profile pattern that describes yesterday's action well.
12/02/2021 08:54 AM - Comment(s)
Early rally spooked by COVID news from CA
The markets are selling on news of a coronavirus case in California....let's see what weakness on the first day of the month has led to.
12/01/2021 02:44 PM - Comment(s)
Will we rebound after the sizable sell off yesterday?
The markets sold off yesterday but are now trading higher to start the month, here is what that has led to.
12/01/2021 08:31 AM - Comment(s)
Will the sell off continue?
The last day of the month is selling off, here is what that has led to as we approach the close.
11/30/2021 02:20 PM - Comment(s)
Last trading day of November
The markets are down as we begin the last trading session of the month, here is what that has led to historically.
11/30/2021 08:31 AM - Comment(s)
What history suggests following the selloff Friday
The markets opening higher following Friday's significant selloff, here is what that has led to...
11/29/2021 08:42 AM - Comment(s)
The Day before Thanksgiving Day seasonality study
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, let's see what has happened on the day before Thanksgiving.
11/24/2021 08:33 AM - Comment(s)
Monday after Opex Day in November study
Friday was options expiration day, here is what the day after opex has done during the month of November.
11/22/2021 08:44 AM - Comment(s)
November OpEx Day study
Check out how the November OPEX day has finished the session historically...
11/19/2021 02:37 PM - Comment(s)
After a run of highs, what has happened historically on OpEx day?
Today's options expiration day is coming after a close at the high of the week, here is what that has led to.
11/19/2021 08:55 AM - Comment(s)