June OpEx day bearish?
Today is options expiration day, check out how this session has performed specifically in June.
06/18/2021 08:31 AM - Comment(s)
Part 2 of our Morning Study, quite bullish.
Historically speaking, this time period has been quite bullish on the day before the June options expiration...
06/17/2021 03:43 PM - Comment(s)
What happens the day prior to Options Expiration?
Tomorrow is the June options expiration day, let's see what has happened on this day historically.
06/17/2021 08:13 AM - Comment(s)
Soft after FOMC announcement
The markets are weak following the FOMC announcement, let's test that pattern historically...
06/16/2021 02:35 PM - Comment(s)
How we respond to FOMC historically
Today is the FOMC announcement. Let's see what has happened on this day in a similar context.
06/16/2021 08:36 AM - Comment(s)
Does the outlook change as we approach the close?
Let's see what has happened historically as we approach the close ahead of tomorrow's FOMC announcement.
06/15/2021 02:24 PM - Comment(s)
Does history suggest we see a move higher today?
Tomorrow is the FOMC announcement, let's take a look at what has happened historically on the day prior to the announcement.
06/15/2021 08:38 AM - Comment(s)
Are buyers eager to push prices higher late today?
The markets are trading below Friday's 52-week high close, let's see what that has led to as we approach today's close.
06/14/2021 02:09 PM - Comment(s)
Friday's new high may lead to a softening today
The markets put in a doji following a push to highs, let's see what that pattern has led to historically.
06/14/2021 08:42 AM - Comment(s)
Friday after a 52 week high..
The markets closed at new 52-week highs, lets see what that has led to when it is a Friday.
06/11/2021 08:45 AM - Comment(s)