Autotrading with $100k+
Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 @ 4:30PM ET

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About this Webinar

Worried that 2023 will be “more of the same” for your portfolio? Don’t be. Volatility drives InvestiQuant’s alternative investment solutions and all four of the company's sophisticated autotrading programs generated stellar returns for clients in 2022.

In this webinar, we will focus on InvestiQuant’s two largest programs and how they help investors with $100k - $1M+ diversify their investment portfolios using iQ’s fully automated,  institutional-quality strategies.   

Join us Wednesday, February 15, at 4:30 pm ET to learn: 
  • Why iQ Autotrading outperforms other assets during volatile markets
  • How iQ Autotrading works
  • Detailed review of iQ Combo and iQ Select (performance, features, & more)
  • Intro to The Fox Group (our execution broker) with special guest: Trent Wagner
  • Pricing and how to get started
  • Q&A

If you are looking for a hands-free solution, save your spot and learn why autotrading (done the right way) is such a game changer.  It might be just the solution your portfolio is missing!