Autotrading Brokerage Partners

InvestiQuant works with trusted resources who have proved to be best in class in their area for our customers over the years.

The following are organizations we trust to execute our autotrading portfolios:

Infinity Futures

Infinity Futures – The first pioneer of iQ’s fully-automated, 100% server-side trading systems. Every day iQ depends on Infinity Futures to execute signals for customer accounts worth millions of dollars, including several accounts owned by iQ’s investors and board members. iQ chose Infinity Futures because co-founders Scott and David have both maintained accounts at Infinity for more than a decade and they credit Infinity’s infrastructure for execution quality that has created a higher standard for the industry. Contact Patrick: [email protected]com  or 312-373-6228. 
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The Fox Group

The FOX Group is an independent introducing brokerage firm located at the iconic Chicago Board of Trade building in the heart of the city’s financial district.  We offer a number of comprehensive futures and options brokerage services designed to meet the needs of individual and institutional traders.

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