Solutions for Trading Firms

Whether you are a prop shop, hedge fund,  commodity trading advisor or brokerage firm, your bottom line is tied directly to the success of your traders/clients. 

InvestiQuant solutions are engineered to help both discretionary and systematic traders overcome many of the most common pitfalls to trading performance.  We do so by empowering traders with on-demand, statistical research & quant support 24x7.  Best of all, we deliver our solutions via a  scalable, cloud-based platform at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions or doing it yourself. 

The InvestiQuant platform can be custom-configured, and even white labeled, to create an enterprise solution specifically for you and your internal/external client needs.  API access is available.   

Contact us for a free consultation and online demo by completing this form or giving us a call at  844-447-8723.