Part 2: Common Questions About Autotrading Performance

12/19/2023 09:10 AM By Scott Andrews
How long have your strategies been live traded (with capital at risk)?
InvestiQuant’s autotrading programs are comprised of over 60 algorithmic, intraday-only trading strategies. 90% have been trading live for at least 5 years, and some for nearly 15 years. Our newest strategies are from our Meta AI/machine learning series which began trading live in Q4, 2021. 

Note: iQ programs’ live trading results reflect each program’s performance as it has traded since available to the public (typically less than 5 years). 

How can I verify the published returns of your autotrading programs? 
Since all clients, including InvestiQuant employees, are treated the same at each broker (i.e. earn the same trading results each day), the easiest way to verify performance is to contact one of InvestiQuant’s execution brokers. 

Can we guarantee returns?
We cannot guarantee autotrading returns, and anyone who says they can guarantee returns – no matter their track record – is a red flag.  While we do share our programs' historical performance, both simulated and live, we cannot guarantee future outcomes. Trading the markets is inherently unpredictable. We rely on our data-driven strategies and anticipate future trends mirroring past behaviors, but there are no certainties in trading. That being said, over the long term, we expect to see similar returns as historical results—but this is never guaranteed.

When is the best time to start autotrading?
In general, when considering investments with positive expectancy, it is best to get started immediately with an initial allocation. Attempting to time the results of autotrading is impossible due to the randomness of short-term results.

Begin Your Autotrading Journey with InvestiQuant
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Scott Andrews