Can you really be successful trading statistical edges in a strictly rules-based manner?

09/25/2020 12:03 PM By Matt Ratliff

Webinar September 24th 2020

In June Scott started trading a new portfolio of single day S&P strategies.  Each strategy trades intraday and is flat by the close.  No overnight exposure.  No discretion.  Each strategy takes advantage of unique patterns, events, and related edges that are available in our Discover platform.

In its first 3 months of live trading, it has averaged just under 2 trades per day and generated more than $17,000 in net profits (i.e. after commission and slippage) with a daily win rate of approximately 70% and an average win/loss ratio of just over 1:1.

This webinar was built so you could learn more about this portfolio and how you can create your own.

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