What is Quant Analysis

04/19/2022 04:32 PM By Matt Ratliff

In this episode of Matt's Minute, he will introduce us to Quantitative Analysis- what it is, it's purpose and where it is used.   Maybe you agree, the market is difficult to predict and finding ways to consistently deliver good results is our perpetual challenge.  Quantitative Analysis is a tool set that helps you study market parameters to improve your understanding of market behavior.

Matt takes us through all of this along with a practical example.  Watch this video for more information, then think about how you use Quantitative Analysis.  How much do you do?  Do you need to do more?  How do I grow my skills?  Comment below and let us know.

What is Quantitative Analysis?
Quantitative (aka Quant) analysis is a research method that relies on math and statistics to understand market behavior. 
Must I be a "Quant"?

Quantitative Analysis is a mathematical way to research and find "edges" or indicators of market behavior that guide your investing/trading strategies.  So, everyone does a little or a lot expecting the more done will produce better results.  Does your experience prove this?

What are the benifits of Quantitative Analysis?

Beyond the obvious influence on your investing/trading strategy, Quantitative Analysis can help you replace subjective factors in your decision making with more analytical factors.  The presumption is that results improve with more analytic trading influence than subjective (emotional) trading influence.  

What if I am good at it?

Congratulations!  If you are highly skilled you likely have built some long-lasting powerful edges that perform well for you.  You likely are skilled at adapting and responding to changing market conditions.  But if you are like most, regardless of your skill level, you want to learn more.  Actually we have a tool that can help you.   Ask about Discover.