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Stop Loss Orders
A stop loss order is a risk management tool intended to get you out of a trade that is not working.
10/13/2021 11:03 AM - Comment(s)
Limit Orders
A “limit order” is a popular order type that has the distinct advantage of guaranteeing you get the price you want when you execute the trade.
10/13/2021 10:59 AM - Comment(s)
Market Orders
When you use a market order to enter or exit a position you will get filled on the trade at the current market price.
10/12/2021 08:53 AM - Comment(s)
Margin Trading
“Margin” is money provided to you by your broker so that you may buy a stock or make a trade. Active investing using margin has become increasingly popular of late with the influx of new investors who are trading meme stocks.
10/11/2021 03:32 PM - Comment(s)
iQ Discover Gen 3 Ver 11 released
This new release includes an exciting new function that allows you to combine multiple individual studies into a single combined study, essentially forming a new "trading portfolio". This provides for multiple trading strategies working together.
07/28/2021 08:12 AM - Comment(s)
How Short Term Strategies Improve Investment Portfolios
Scott Andrews, CEO, co-Founder and Head Trader of InvestiQuant, explains why short-term strategies have been the foundation of his own investment approach for nearly 20 years and 3 ways passive and active investors can add them to their own portfolios.
06/25/2021 12:16 PM - Comment(s)
"+33.9% YTD, Let Our Hedge Fund Strategies Autotrade Your Account" by Scott Andrews
Scott Andrews, CEO, co-Founder and Head Trader of InvestiQuant, describes the challenges investors face in today's market and offers a creative unique InvestiQuant solution. Watch this video if you need a more confident plan to face these challenges.
05/14/2021 05:06 PM - Comment(s)
Will OpEx day prevent new highs?
The markets closed at highs again yesterday and today is options expiration day. Let's see how this pattern has performed historically.
04/16/2021 08:56 AM - Comment(s)
Has 2021 produced a new afternoon pattern?
The markets have a new pattern this year...check it out.
03/10/2021 02:23 PM - Comment(s)
Can we hold the gains through end of day?
The markets are holding early gains following Friday's strong move higher, let's see what this price action has led to historically.
03/08/2021 02:32 PM - Comment(s)