Today is the end of the quarter and the market has seen selling in the overnight session, let's take a look at what that has led to historically.
09/30/2020 09:06 AM - Comment(s)
We are approaching the end of September, let's look into a seasonality study about the turn of the month after a strong day.
09/29/2020 09:03 AM - Comment(s)
2020 has been different for many things....including Mondays. Check it out.
09/28/2020 09:06 AM - Comment(s)
Friday's in the current market environment has often been susceptible to risk in this direction...
09/25/2020 09:15 AM - Comment(s)
Yesterday was a trend day down to new closing lows. Let's take a look into that pattern.
09/24/2020 09:13 AM - Comment(s)