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Would you like to add diversification of alternative markets to your investment plan and maintain 24 x 7 access to your capital? What if you had direct access to quality, automated investment strategies without the unnecessary costs of other channels? And what if you could add the alpha generating potential of iQ’s unique strategies and remain in complete control of your account? With iQ’s autotrading program, you can. InvestiQuant’s autotrading program provides an efficient, cost-effective way for you to put iQ’s alternative investment strategies to work in your account with a qualified professional overseeing the entire process so you don't have to.

iQ Program Details

The iQ S&P 500 program is a diversified collection of intraday trading strategies designed for the most liquid futures index, the S&P 500 emini.  The strategies were developed between 2010 and 2018 and are being offered publicly as a portfolio of strategies for the first time in 2020. Due to the intraday design of the strategies, there is no overnight risk, all trades are closed by the end of the session. The strategies use two main trading methodologies, mean-reversion, and momentum. They will trade both long and short positions which allows them to take advantage of bullish and bearish markets. To help achieve the level of diversification we desire we enlist various inputs for the strategies that include alternative data, technical patterns, volatility, and seasonal events. 

What is an iQ Autotrading Program?

An iQ autotrading program is a group of alternative investment strategies that have been tested, traded, refined, and bundled to create a diversified portfolio of strategies. Our company was created in 2008 to provide investors with an opportunity to better diversify and add the benefits of systematic, short-term trading to their investment and wealth protection plans. Our autotrading program of fully automated trading strategies are designed to do just that and more.

Utilizing big data, predictive analytics, the poweful Discover platform, and decades of live trading experience, iQ’s computer algorithms identify and trade historically attractive, short-term market opportunities in the S&P 500. The iQ autotrading program consists of multiple algorithm-based trading strategies designed to take advantage of a wide range of market environments. Once you license an iQ  program, your broker can instantly execute our investment strategies in your account on your behalf.

Let us welcome you to the next generation of investing and help you discover the power and simplicity of fully automated algorithmic trading.

How Does It Work?

    1. You license access to an iQ autotrading program.

    2. InvestiQuant’s autotrading service systematically sends trading signals through your broker to your account. The orders are automatically and seamlessly executed via algorithmic trading software.

    3. Your broker oversees the entire autotrading process, confirms the trades are placed in your account, and provides brokerage support.

    If you choose, you can activate or deactivate your account at any time by simply contacting your broker. ​You remain in complete control.

    iQ’s Autotrading Program Service Summary

    iQ’s autotrading strategies work for you and your account, 24 x 7, hands-free, worry-free. You (or your advisor) simply monitor your account’s activity from time to time. 

    Activate and deactivate your automated trading strategies at anytime. 

    You remain in complete control of your account at all times.

    How Do I Get Started?

    1. Subscribe to an iQ autotrading program, using the button below.
    2. Or, speak with an iQ representative (844-447-8723).
    3. Open an account with InvestiQuant’s trusted broker partner.
    4. Sign a Letter of Direction (LOD) provided to you by the broker, allowing them to enable autotrading of iQ’s strategies in your account.
    5. Sit back and let our algorithmic autotrading strategies work for you.