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InvestiQuant Announces the Availability of Second Machine Learning Autotrading Program: iQ Meta 50

RALEIGH, NC OCTOBER 3, 2023 - InvestiQuant, a leading provider of AI-driven hedge fund strategies, announces the release of the Meta 50 program. This addition to InvestiQuant’s “Autotrading with AI” series is designed for investors seeking to diversify with at least $50,000 using the same 2nd generation machine learning technology that is the hallmark of Meta 30, the company’s first machine learning program.

Building on Meta’s success, the Meta 50 program is engineered for investors who wish to put more capital to work in pursuit of even greater returns. By more actively pursuing attractive return-to-risk opportunities, Meta 50 aims to generate high annual gains with reasonable drawdowns — a claim substantiated by its performance in live trading this year. Like all InvestiQuant algorithmic trading programs, Meta 50 can serve as a powerful portfolio enhancer as a standalone solution, or in combination with other iQ autotrading programs.

For investors interested in diversifying their stock portfolios with an uncorrelated, fully automated solution that has demonstrated positive returns in rising and declining markets, request more information here or give InvestiQuant a call at 844-447-8723 to learn more. Special programs are available for Family Offices and large investors. For a review of all iQ automated trading solutions, reserve a spot at the company’s upcoming webinar


About InvestiQuant:

Since 2008, InvestiQuant has armed investors and traders around the globe with institutional-quality trading solutions based on statistical edges. InvestiQuant’s automated strategies help clients better protect and grow their wealth by empowering their portfolios with the ability to generate attractive returns regardless of the direction of the broader stock market. Unlike many alternative investments, investors maintain 100% visibility, access, and control of their capital, 24x7.

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