Autotrading with iQ Portfolios Webinar 
Wednesday,   November 3rd  2021 @ 4:30PM ET

About this Webinar

With the markets at all-time highs and volatility picking up, it could be an ideal time to have a portion of your capital autotraded by an adaptive, battle-proven program based on  statistical edges. 

If you are wondering what exactly is autotrading?  Is it truly hands-free? Are these gains legit?  Or, why any company would share a program like this with the public?  This webinar will answer these questions and more. 

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Topics include:
  • What is Autotrading, Is it Really Hands-Free?

  • Introduction to the iQ S&P 500 Intraday Program

  • Live Trading Performance Review

  • Special Guest: Trent Wagner of The Fox Group

  • Pricing 

  • Q&A with Scott, Trent, and Matt